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Hang San Kumdo

Hang San Kumdo is the perfect place to practice kumdo at any level and age.

What We Offer

Hang San Kumdo offers a variety of classes as the practitioner progresses in his or her training.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available throughout the week and weekends during a time that works for you and the master. This is a great way to get the most out of your kumdo experience and take advantage of the one-on-one training.

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Kids and Young Adults

Children learn in an exciting, positive environment - allowing them to thrive. Our younger students learn to understand the meaning of focus and discipline as it is applied in each basic skill that they are taught. Through dedicated training, teenagers and young adults improve their inner spirit. Feelings of confidence and self-esteem are shaped and developed in an environment of encouragement and respect.

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Adults train to relieve any outside stress and mental exhaustion in a safe, positive form. Each lesson is an achievement and improvement of your skills, along with the health benefits that come with Kumdo training.

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Parents and their children enjoy learning a new sport together! Families can practice during the open-group lessons or set up a private lesson just for you and your family. Kumdo is a great way to bond while experiencing a new part of life.


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During vacation I went to this place and it was amazing. The people there are very kind and teach very well especially the master! I would love to go back one day. I highly recommend this place for beginners and those who want to continue their journey with kumdo!

Eric Widget's photoDanielle Kwon

I sent my 2 sons to learn Kumdo for 2 years already. I love their professionalism and cares my kids like his own childs. I'm extremely happy with their service.

Parsley Montana's photoDanny Kim

Great place. Have learned lots over the years. Not the easiest sport to learn. But once you get used to it. It's great, want to keep getting better

Jonquil Von Haggerston's photoJin Choi